Professor Sarah Ansari
Professor of History

Focus on identity politics, nation-building in Pakistan, spatial approaches towards South Asia’s history, and differential understandings of citizenship.

Professor Sandra Halperin
Director of CIWAS/Professor of International Relations

Focus on global development, historical sociology, war and peace, Middle East politics, and structures of social power.

Ibrahim Halawi
Senior Research Associate

Visiting Lecturer in Contemporary Middle East Politics. Focus on the history of counterrevolution in the Middle East.

Dr. Mohammadreza Kalantari
Post-Doctoral Fellow at CIWAS/Deputy Director

Focus on Religion and politics, Islamic law, Shi’ism, and Modern Middle East (particularly, Iran, Iraq, & Lebanon).

Professor Francis Robinson
Professor of the History of South Asia

Focus on history of Islam since 1800, holy men & religious change.

Professor Humayun Ansari
Professor of the History of Islam and Cultural Diversity

Focus on ethnicity, identity, migration, multiculturalism, Islam in the West, Islamism and Islamophobia.