A one-year Master by Taught offered by departments of Politics and International Relations and History at Royal Holloway which prospective students with a robust understanding of history and contemporary politics of Islam and West Asia. This programme includes two core courses of Introduction to the Historical Study of the Modern Muslim World, Islam and West Asia in International Relations, along with a core method course. A wide range of optional courses are available to students to further strengthen their study of Islamic societies and West Asian communities.

A two-year Master of Philosophy for those prospective students who are more interested in pursuing a research pathway in understanding Islamic and West Asian studies. Those pursuing an MPhil Degree at CIWAS are required to attend MA programme core courses during the first semester and are offered Farsi or Arabic instruction in Iran or Lebanon for four months. After they return, students work with their supervisors to develop and complete a dissertation that draws on resources in the language, which they have studied.

CIWAS affiliated faculty, are available to supervise research projects carried out at the frontiers of knowledge in Islamic and West Asian studies with a thesis that makes an original contribution to knowledge. The PhD students will get regular progress reviews, an oral upgrade exam, and a major annual review for which they’ll usually prepare a written submission. With advice from the supervisors, students are responsible for deciding when to submit their thesis, which normally takes three to four years after their enrolment.